4 new names added to our May line-up


Nottingham based four piece Do Nothing is made up of vocalist Chris Bailey, guitarist Kasper Sandstrom, bassist Charles Howarth and Andrew Harrison on drums. Their sound is equal parts Roxy-esque art rock and Ze/Celluloid records no wave. Do Nothing songs are characterized by the acerbic lyricism of vocalist Chris Bailey where every song feels like its own self-contained psycho drama. Listening to their latest single “Gangs” at times is like walking into a very busy and very loud pub and over hearing snatches of confused and bitter conversations “wait a minute this isn’t my house” says one person “who can eat at a time like this?” says another.


Oakland native King Isis, shaped by a musical lineage, blends genres from rock and R&B to jazz and blues. Raised on the piano of their great-great-grandmother, Omega King, a pioneering Black opera singer, Isis pays homage to her legacy. Amidst challenges in a low-income, single-parent household, they found solace in music and writing. Evolving from strict classical training to a more experimental style, their EP ‘scales’ delves into multiplicities and shadow work. Inspired by maternal figures and rulebreakers, King Isis draws influence from SOPHIE to Erykah Badu. Committed to communal healing, they teach music in LA’s low-income communities and foster creativity for incarcerated youth at Rikers Island.


Dan Carey, Speedy Wunderground label founder and in-demand producer whose credits include Wet Leg, Squid, black midi, Kae Tempest and more, has formed a duo, Miss Tiny, with vocalist/drummer Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft (Childhood, Warmduscher). Dan and Ben have actually played together for the better part of a decade, though mostly just in the studio. “We called it anti-recording,” says Carey. “Only doing it for the pleasure of doing it.” And that’s how debut EP ‘DEN7’ came about, containing debut single ‘The Sound’: a nagging, chugging, churning song that worms its way into your psyche.


Having debuted their solo career the previous year and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, Jack Valero has progressed by incorporating a live band and cultivating a more invigorating live sound. Remaining faithful to the significance of imagery and lyricism evident in the initial releases, the latest EP, released in collaboration with Modern Sky, focuses on infusing a brighter dimension into some of the darker aspects of human experience. Themes such as anxiety, social injustice, and relationship breakdown are explored, presented with catchy riffs and enriched with subtle sarcasm and wit. The artist emphasizes a penchant for juxtapositions, combining melancholic lyrics with lively, engaging tunes, and addressing challenging subjects with a touch of humor to convey an overall mood of melancholy yet uplifting. 

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