London Calling expands to three-day festival

Exciting news: we’re extending the London Calling Festival to include an additional day of musical delight. We’re thrilled to invite you to our Sunday program at Tolhuistuin, where we’ll be serving up a delicious musical feast with our “Sunday Roast” lineup, consisting of Elephant Stone, Sweeping Promises, The Belair Lip Bombs, and Frost Children. Monday the 20th of May is a national bank holiday (Pentecost). All the more reason to enjoy an extra long weekend.

The Sunday Roast promises to be the perfect conclusion to the London Calling Festival weekend, offering an opportunity to discover new artists and enjoy the company of fellow music enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the festival lineup – grab your tickets now and join us for Sunday Roast at Tolhuistuin.


Step into a cosmic odyssey with Elephant Stone, the sonic wizards of psychedelic pop music. Led by the mystical Rishi Dhir, the band has been traversing the dimensions of sound for over 15 years. With the new album ‘Back Into the Dream’, Elephant Stone once again proves to transport its listeners to a place where dreams and reality mingle.


Meet Frost Children, an intriguing duo that you best listen to yourself if you want to describe them. Originated from the synergy between brother and sister Angel and Lulu Prost, they create catchy, energetic songs with a nod to internet culture. Forced by the pandemic to return home to St. Louis, Missouri, they unleashed their musical talent. The end result is an undeniable hyper-pop craze.


The Belair Lip Bombs have recently found their momentum with the release of debut album ‘Lush Life’. The album by the Melbourne quartet manages to capture a range of desires and describe new ways to satisfaction and self-fulfillment in just 10 songs. And all of that is wrapped in a light-hearted indie pop package with finger-licking guitar hooks.


This duo’s high-energy combination of power pop and lo-fi garage is insanely infectious. Inspiration is drawn from the alt-rock of the beginning of the millennium and, in their own words, “DEVO-esque weirdness”, so no listener can escape their web of pop-like post-punk. The feminine, resounding vocals give the whole thing its own and always exciting sound.

LINE-UP 17+18+19 MAY

Abby Sage • Adwaith • Allegra Krieger • Angélica Garcia • Been Stellar • The Belair Lip Bombs • C.O.F.F.I.N • The Dare • Divorce • Do Nothing • Eaves Wilder • Elephant Stone • Florry • Frost Children • HotWax • Jack Valero • King Isis • Mali Velasquez • Malice K • Mary In The Junkyard • Miss Tiny • Mock Media • Night Beats • Psymon Spine • Sweeping Promises • The Mysterines • UCHE YARA • Upchuck • Viji

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