Viji, born Vanilla Jenner, navigates the realms of indie sleaze, channeling the easy, fuzzy sounds of the 90s in her debut album ‘So Vanilla’. Recorded in London with Mercury Prize nominee producer Dan Carey, the album blends Sonic-Youth’s layered guitar melodies with pop hooks and soulful soliloquies. Each song reflects a unique writing process, from collaborative guitar sessions to late-night ramblings. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Viji’s journey took her to the US, Brazil, and finally the UK, where she studied music production in Brighton. With a DIY ethos, she released singles and EPs, earning acclaim from cultural icons and media outlets alike. Now signed to Speedy Wunderground, Viji’s shoe-gazy rock and playful visuals position her as a trailblazer redefining modern rock.

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