Malice K

Hailing from the misty realms of Olympia, WA, Malice K is the enigmatic artist who’s as comfortable strumming a soulful melody as he is unleashing raw darkness. Currently taking a bite out of the Big Apple, this former Deathproof Inc member has a cult following for his bi-polar musical escapades. Picture boyish charm with a side of punk-thrash-rock madness and a sprinkle of acoustic serenity. Malice K’s introspective and innovative concoctions make him a visionary musician. FADER aptly noted that on “Clean Up On Aisle Heaven,” he effortlessly swings from an Elliott Smith croon to an Isaac Brock bark, displaying a cool disdain for pop pleasantries. He’s the rebel who reads the rulebook, then throws it away with a wicked grin.

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