Spirit of the Beehive

London Calling oktober 2022, Saturday


SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE is everything but ordinary. Theirs is the music of immersion, of confrontation, of a thousend influences rolled into one. Shoegaze, noise, dreampop, emo, sonic chaos, industrial sounds and even the chirping of birds. They love a great guitar hook, but to hear it once is enough, so no song sounds the same for long. The band released their self-titled debut in 2014 and as the years went on the band has been able to steadily ascend. Over the course of the years, SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE have experimented with new possibilities for their sound, as “guitar, bass and drums just kind of get monotonous”, according to the trio’s guitarist and vocalist Zack Schwartz. Despite their insatiable disorienting sound, the Americans are great at making chaos sound natural.

Spirit of the Beehive London Calling Paradiso