Personal Trainer

London Calling 2019, Friday


Personal Trainer is a rock & roll collective around singer/songwriter Willem Smit. Live, they have an ever-shifting line-up with members from bands like Canshaker Pi, Pip Blom, Bull, Steve French, The Klittens and many more, and they were described as “a manic indie rock orchestra that taps into the wayward spirits of Car Seat Headrest, Silver Jews, The Fall and LCD Soundsystem, with Smit paying the role of everyman poet and ringmaster.” and “Perfectly organized chaos.” In studio, Personal Trainer is a collaboration between Willem Smit and producer Casper van der Lans.

May 31st they put out their first 7-inch “The Lazer / Stormchaser Of The Month” on Sports Team’s label Holm Front, followed by a second one “Total Total / You Better Start Scrubbing” on Paradiso Vinyl Club the 18th of September. They joined Pip Blom for their tour through Europe last September / October.

Personal Trainer speelt op London Calling