Helado Negro

London Calling 2019, Saturday


Helado Negro returns with ‘This Is How You Smile’, an album that freely ickers between clarity and obscurity, past and present geographies, bright and unhurried seasons. Miami-born, New York-based artist Roberto Carlos Lange embraces a personal and universal exploration of aura – seen, felt, emitted – on his sixth album and second for RVNG Intl. The album finds vitality in turning the privacy dial further inward; it meditates on the slow, eternal love of family, and gently proposes revisiting those feelings as a way to relate to and beyond our core of familiarity.

Quote from the Pitchfork album review:
“Roberto Carlos Lange’s sixth and best album as Helado Negro deepens and expands upon the imagistic nature of his lyrics and cosmic synth-folk. It is a sublime, masterful piece of music.”