Gretel Hänlyn

London Calling oktober 2022, Friday


The 20 year old Gretel Hänlyn is a songwriter and guitarist from West London. Raised on a diet of Nick Cave, it is no surprise that Hänlyn picked up a guitar to write her own gothic stories. As she started to go to gigs and grow as a musician, she falls in love with Tim Buckley, Nirvana and Wolf Alice. She morphs their influences into what her music is today; a mix of hi-fi grunge, goth-pop and alt indie ballads. Hänlyn initially applied to do a physics degree, but decided to focus solely on music. The result is the EP “Slugeye” that came out in May, 2022 which received praise and led to her shows being sold out within minutes.  The 20 year old is crowned as one of the hottest new talents in the United Kingdom.

Gretel Hanlyn London Calling Festival