Frost Children

This is an interesting one to describe. We’d recommend for you to check out Frost Children yourself. Born out of sibling synergy, Angel and Lulu Prost, a.k.a. Frost Children, craft infectiously high-energy tunes with a nod to internet culture. Forced back home by the pandemic, they unleashed their musical prowess in St. Louis, Missouri, spawning the hyperpop frenzy of ‘Elixir Rejection’ and the synth-driven odyssey of ‘Spiral’. Fusing DIY grit with SpongeBob SquarePants flair and Skrillex-esque intensity, their live shows are legendary. On their newer songs, they dial down the frenzy, embracing radio-friendly pop while retaining their signature edge. Frost Children: where sibling bonds ignite sonic fireworks.

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