Playing on Saturday

Sleaze, sludge and scuzz rule the roost on Yak’s debut album. But to put their magic down to three vital ingredients would be missing the point. With Oliver Burslem at the helm, the trio have a whirlwind chemistry it’d takes other bands decades to master. And with ‘Alas Salvation’, they’ve set a marker for every borderline-insane newcomer emerging in the next decade.

As a frontman, Burslem acts like he’s been researching the move-by-move heroics of yesteryear’s giants. Those Mick Jagger looks aren’t a red herring. On stage, he careers from churning organ to speaker stack like a prison inmate given his first taste of freedom. The odds were against Yak being able to replicate this wild form on record. But they’ve stolen the lights, the audience and the fever of a venue, wedging it slap bang in the middle of their debut.

Text source: 5-star album review by DIY Mag