Playing on Friday

With so much new music out there thanks to the affordibility of high quality home recording and ease of online distribution, it can be easy to fall into a path where it takes quite a long time to discover a truly great band who are up there with the very best the 21st century has spawned.

If you’re listening to SHAME, though, you’re on the right path. This band are one of the most exhilarating live bands – after their showcase gigs at Eurosonic 2017 they got booked for more festivals than any other of the bands there, and we’re talking about hundreds of bands who were being considered for coveted festival slots at the same time. Their shows are up there next to early Libertines gigs, Fat Whites’ and Palma Violets’. SHAME will be one of those bands that people look back on in years to come when they’re tracing what sounds defined youth culture in London in 2017.

Text source: Gigwise