Japanese Breakfast



Playing on Saturday

Inspired by the cosmos, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner addresses life on Earth. Her voice shines over melancholic arrangements, evoking Pacific Northwest indie rock as much as shoegaze.

Michelle Zauner’s first album as Japanese Breakfast, 2016’s Psychopomp, was a meditation on grief in the wake of her mother’s death from cancer, as well as a raw portrayal of sexuality and heartache. That these subjects could coexist in the same space isn’t unusual (death and sex often mix, especially at the edge of human experience), but Zauner’s gift for connecting specific details to simple metaphor was uniquely affecting. “The dog’s confused/She just paces ‘round all day/She’s sniffing at your empty room,” she sang on “In Heaven.” Then, on “Jane Cum”: “Soulless animal keep feeding on my meat/All my tiny bones between your teeth.”
Text source: 8.0 album review by Pitchfork