Big Thief



Playing on Saturday

Big Thief’s second album Capacity is a collection full of love, delivered as sublimely rendered treatises on the human condition
Capacity focuses around what it means to be a human, particularly a woman, teased out through accurately yet succinctly drawn stories in Adrianne Lenker’s lyrics, buoyed by a subtle but flourishing musicianship in the band. The album takes us through several different emotions, but none of them fails to dig a deep well into the human soul and draw out something valuable from beneath.

Big Thief arrived last year with their debut album, Masterpiece. On the surface this title seems like an egotistical statement from the young Brooklyn band, but upon listening to Masterpiece it is instantly clear that ego is far from their driving force. Over the course of that album’s 12 tracks singer Adrianne Lenker revealed herself to be one of the most poetically honest and pointed lyricists currently working, touching delicately but directly on many topics relating to the human condition by relaying real-life interpersonal dramas in open and sympathetic ways. The Masterpiece wasn’t the album, but it seemed to be more that she was saying that it is life itself – for all of our flaws, mistakes, misjudgements and shortcomings, we humans are still all masterpieces.

Text source: The 405